Piero Amodio

Piero Amodio was born in 1953. He is a medical doctor and retired associate professor of Internal Medicine of the University of Padova (Italy). Now he is professor in charge for monitoring neurological treatments in the specialization school of hospital pharmacy and consultant for Internal Medicine and Nutrition in the ”Parco dei Tigli” clinic for psychiatric disorders (Teolo, Padova).

In his academic and professional activity he worked in the field of cirrhosis and its complications. He opened the field of research about HE in the Departent of Medicine of Padua Univerdity Hospital where he founded and organized a laboratory for electrophysiological and neuropsychological investigations in HE.
He organized an interdipertmental reserch center about the neupsychiatric complicatios of medical disorders.
He, and the group of reaserches that he gathered and leaded, was active in the field of HE care and research, particularly on MHE, rapidly reaching internationally recognized acievements. Together with Prof. Haussinger officially founded the ISHEN (in the past an informal group of scientists and clinicians) of which he was the 13th President.
He was granted of the Blei oration in the 18th ISHEN meeting, and admitted as fellow of the RCP (London). He gave invited speaches around the world. His H index is 42. 

In his ‘off’ time Piero likes tracking, swimming, reading and spending time with family, friends and charities.