History of Meetings

The Society’s origins date back to 1971, when a Working Group led by I. Szám, D. Müting and V. Bräutigam organized an International Symposium on Ammonia Metabolism. Held in Budapest in May 1972, this first symposium featured Sir Hans Adolf Krebs’ presentation of the newly discovered urea cycle. The well-attended event provided a great opportunity to discuss different aspects of ammonia metabolism and ammonia-related disorders. From that date onwards, the meeting has become a popular triannual event.

  • 1 1972 Budapest (Hungary) Szám, D. Müting and V. Bräutigam
  • 2 1974 Strasbourg (France) J. Stahl
  • 3 1977 Baden (Austria) F. Wewalka
  • 4 1980 Heidelberg (Germany) E. Holm
  • 5 1984 Semmering (Austria) G. Kleinberger
  • 6 1987 Vaalsbroek Castle (Netherlands) P.B. Soeters
  • 7 1990 Lund (Sweden) B. Jeppson and H.Vilstrup
  • 8 1993 Frascati- Rome (Italy) L. Capocaccia
  • 9 1996 Newcastle Upon Tyne (U.K.) C. Record
  • 10 1999 Istanbul (Turkey) C. Yurdaydin
  • 11 2002 Amsterdam (The Netherlands) RAFM Chamuleau and A. Meijer
  • 12 2005 Düsseldorf (Germany) D. Häussinger
  • 13 2008 Abano - Padova (Italy) P. Amodio
  • 14 2010 Val David (Canada) R.F. Butterworth
  • 15 2012 Grenaa (Denmark) Hendrik Vilstrup
  • 16 2014 Surrey (UK) Rajiv Jalan
  • 17 2017 Delhi (India) Radha K Dhiman
  • 18 2019 Williamsburg, Virginia, (USA) Jasmohan Bajaj
  • 19 2021 Padova (Italy) Sara Montagnese (virtual event due to COVID-19 pandemic)

The 20th ISHEN Symposium will be held in Bad Zwischenahn (Germany) hosted by Professor Karin Weissenborn, Associate Professor of Neurology, Department of Neurology, Hannover Medical School, Germany

Andy-Blei-Lectures/The Gallery of Honour

In commemoration of Dr. Andy Blei, a great clinician scientist, who contributed to ISHEN enormously and who passed away in 2008, prematurely, the ISHEN board in 2014 decided to establish the Andy-Blei-Lectures as part of the ISHEN meetings. Outstanding members of the ISHEN community are asked to give these lectures as a sign of esteem.
The Andy-Blei lecture was given by:
Roger Butterworth, 2014 in London, UK
Dieter Häussinger, 2017 in New Delhi, India
Piero Amodio, 2019 in Williamsburg, USA
Vicente Filipo, 2021 in Padova, Italy