16th International ISHEN Symposium – London 10th-13th September 2014
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Arthur Intro  
Roger Butterworth  - What we Know: Basic Science
Fin Larsen- Cerebral blood flow in hepatic encephalopathy

Jordi Romero- Hyperammonemic rats show expression changes in neurodegeneration related genes.
Yaldi Sharifi- Hepatic and Renal expression of the ammonia transporter Rhesus protein (Rhcg) plays a critical role in modulating hyperammonemia and hepatic encephalopathy in liver failure
Tarek Hassanain - Liver Support Devices as a Treatment in Hepatic Encephalopathy
Gerald Kircheis- Clinical efficacy of L-ornithine-L-aspartate in the management of HE
Rune Gangsøy Kristiansen- L-Ornithine Phenylacetate reduces ammonia in pigs with acute liver failure through phenylacetylglycine formation: a novel ammonia-lowering pathway
Carmina Montoliu- Increased 3-nitrotyrosine is associated with reduced white matter microstructural integrity and cognitive deficits in minimal hepatic encephalopathy
Javier Vaquero- Therapeutic hypothermia in HE: Where do we stand now?
Will Bernal- Clinical utility of point of care ammonia measurement in acute liver failure
Chantel Bémeur- Beneficial effects of muscle mass optimization using leucine supplementation and exercise training in the prevention of hepatic encephalopathy in experimental cirrhosis
Cristina Lucidi- Negative prognostic impact of hepatic encephalopathy in cirrhosis: is time to integrate the meld score to improve the transplant benefit?
Djillal Annane- Pathophysiology and Clinical Features of Septic Encephalopathy
Faouzi Saliba - Hepatic Encephalopathy in Acute liver Failure
Sharon DeMorrow - Dysregulation of the monocyte chemoattractant protein 1/fractalkine balance in hepatic encephalopathy following acute liver failure: role of bile acid signaling
Anne Witt - Hyperammonaemia and systemic inflammation is associated with intracellular lactate accumulation and preserved respiratory capacity in brain tissue of rats.
Rita Garcia Martinez - Hepatic encephalopathy: the extent of its reversibility and its prevention
Richard Wise - Hepatic encephalopathy: a dementing illness (?)
Dan Forton - Hepatitis and the Brain
Markus Jordens - Effects of HE-relevant factors on the expression of the multidrug resistance protein 4
Marc-Andre Clement - Bile-ligated rats are susceptible to hypotension-induced neuronal cell loss: Implications for persisting neurological complications following liver transplantation
Srinivarsan Dasarathy - Effect of ammonia on skeletal muscle and sarcopenia of cirrhosis
Rajeshwar Mookerjee - Ammonia and Vascular Dysfunction in Cirrhosis
Balasubramaniyan Vairappan - Ornithine phenylacetate improves hepatic dysfunction by attenuating hyperammonemia induced inflammation and portal hypertension in cirrhosis
Veronika Rackayova - In Vivo Longitudinal Study Of Brain Metabolism And Edema In Chronic Hepatic Encephalopathy In Developing And Adult Rat Brain
Andrés Blei Lecture- Effect of ammonia on skeletal muscle and sarcopenia of cirrhosis
Alexander Thrane  - Effect of brain edema/astrocyte swelling on neurological function
Jasmohan Bajaj - The link between microbiota and HE
Wim Laleman - Gut microbiota & Host interaction : FXR to the rescue !?
Julian Marchesi - Exploring the Microbiome-liver axis using multi-modal omics
Agustin Albillos - In Vivo Longitudinal Study Of Brain Metabolism And Edema In Chronic Hepatic Encephalopathy In Developing And Adult Rat Brain
Ruben Francés - Bacterial antigen translocation in patients with cirrhosis and minimal hepatic encephalopathy is associated with increased serum ammonia and nitric oxide levels.
Javier Ampuero Herrojo - Therapeutic hypothermia in HE: Where do we stand now?
Nicolaas Deutz - Targeted fluxomics in humans to measure the synthesis and breakdown of biological molecules
Anisha Wijeyesekera - Application of Metabonomics: The Role of Metabolic Profiling in Systems Medicine
Boris Görg - Gene Expression Profiling in Hepatic Encephalopathy
Bernard Lanz - Effects of chronic hepatic encephalopathy on brain energy metabolism, studied by in vivo 13C MRS in rats
Fausto Andreola - Increase in plasma levels of brain specific microRNA-124-1 associates with falling cerebral perfusion pressure in an acetaminophen-induced porcine model of acute liver failure
Peter Searson - Signalling and the Blood Brain Barrier
Vicente Felipo - Signaling pathways in hepatic encephalopathy: the glutamate-nitric oxide-cGMP pathway and cognitive function
Matthew McMillin - Elevated serum bile acids contribute to hepatic encephalopathy progression by activating FXR signaling
Laia Chavarria - Hyperpolarized pyruvate allows early detection of lactate in real-time metabolism of ALF rats.
Kevin Mullen  - New endpoints in Hepatic Encephalopathy
Hendrik Vilstrup  - Nothing to be lost in translation
James Orr - Outcome Measures: Health Economics in Clinical Trials
Sara Montegnase - Where are we going? Translational Research in MHE
Alistair Lee - Translational Research in MHE
Scott Nyberg - Humanized Spheroid Reservoir Bioartificial Liver
Rajiv Jalan - Ornithine phenylacetate for the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy
Don Rockey - Removal of ammonia as a therapy – Novel approaches
Manuela Merli - Diet and hepatic encephalopathy - What is new? Where are we going?
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